Animal Protein vs. Plant Protein For Fertility

Let’s talk protein.

And more specifically: animal protein vs. plant protein.

We all know it’s an essential part of our every day diets <<—- But did you know it’s especially important while trying to conceive?

So which should you go for, right?

>> There’s the issue of animal cruelty…

>> Some people think red meat is bad for you…

>> And clearly, we only want to put the best for us in our bodies…

So, again… animal vs. plant?

Well, first let me tell you a little story…

About 2 years ago I went on a nutrition journey. As a specialist in nutrition, fertility and Chinese Medicine, I’ve always felt it’s important to continue learning… and frankly times have changed since some of the Chinese Medicine practices that were established, ohhh, I don’t know…

3,000 YEARS AGO!

So, I committed myself to diving headfirst into a self-study holistic nutrition program and certification.

After a MASSIVE box showed up on my doorstep overflowing with thick textbooks, I quickly got to work.

>> I sailed through the first book…

>> The second book started to irk me…

>> And by the time I hit the third textbook, I couldn’t even stomach going on…

Their entire program advocated for plant based diets ONLY… and as a medical professional, I just simply couldn’t align myself with something I KNOW to be untrue.

So I forfeited the $1,000 and walked away.

Now you may be thinking… but what about the animals? Listen, I LOVE animals- and in no way, shape or form am I an advocate for the inhumane methods of raising and slaughtering animals…


If you’re asking me my PROFESSIONAL opinion, I have to give it to you: animal based proteins are simply better <<—– ESPECIALLY WHEN TRYING TO CONCIEVE.

So, let’s save the ethics debate for later, and just work on getting you pregnant NOW!

Here’s a quick rundown of why animal proteins are better when TTC:

  • Animal proteins = complete source of amino acids = hormone balance
  • All of your reproductive hormones PLUS insulin is made from amino acids
  • Spoiler Alert: Insulin is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT aspect when TTC
  • Vegetarian and vegan diets often make people susceptible for vitamin loss
  • Such as… B12! One serving of steak offers 91% of the B12 you need daily
  • And did you know, B12 builds red blood cells which in turn:
    • Nourishes organs
    • Improves egg quality
    • And helps strengthen the uterine lining
  • Additionally, vegetarians attempt to get their proteins from things such as grains and legumes… but really they’re a BIG NO NO! Here’s why:
    • They have “anti-nutrients” <<—- Which are exactly what they sound like:
      • Toxins naturally found in plants that prevent our bodies from absorbing nutrients.
      • They block essential nutrients such as zinc, calcium and iron!
      • They also cause inflammation in the gut <<— You know the one… gassy after eating beans?!

So, I know you may have THOUGHT a plant-based diet was the best route to go, but in

truth, you DO NEED some of the animal-based proteins available. If that’s simply not an option… and hey, to each their ownit’s important to truly understand the process and HOW TO supplement correctly to get everything you need.

For a FULL breakdown of the animal vs plant protein conversation, listen to my quick podcast episode here ———>

And just remember, eating animal protein that nourishes your body… when sourced humanely… doesn’t mean you don’t love animals <<—- It just means you love your body, too!

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