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Bye-bye Sugar, Hello Baby Challenge Week 2

As we kick off week 2 of the #byebyesugarhellobaby challenge, we want to check-in and see how your first week went.

Did you find it hard to give up the sweet treats?  Did you slip-up a few times but got right back on track?  Don’t worry if you weren’t 100%.  Is anyone ever perfect?  What matters is that you keep working on it.

We had a surprisingly easy week without any sugary treats.  If you haven’t checked out our Facebook Live “Confessionals,” be sure to hop on over to our Facebook fan page and see what we had to say.  We talked a bit about what worked for us, but I’ll summarize it here for you too.

  • Eating breakfast helped to stabilize the blood sugar throughout the day to prevent that afternoon slump.
  • Eggs, which are high in protein, are the ideal breakfast foods. A breakfast high in sugar is going to immediately spike the blood sugar and start your day off on the wrong foot!
  • Snacking throughout the day also prevented the slump and the need for sugar in the afternoon. Our favorite snacks were either high in protein like nuts and eggs, or a piece of fruit (not fruit juices) that contain natural sugars instead of the “white stuff.”

Week 2

So, moving on to week 2.  Before I disclose this week’s list of products that are to be kicked to the curb, I want to make sure that you don’t stop the progress that you’ve made from week 1.

In other words, as you work towards goals for week 2, you’re going to simply build on what you’ve accomplished in week 1 and not fall back on old habits.  One of the reasons we’re introducing the list of foods to eliminate each week instead of giving you the entire blueprint all at once is to prevent overwhelming you and “burn-outs.”

OK, I’ll stop preaching now and tell you what’s in store for Week 2.

sugar and pregnancy

In Week 2, we’re focusing on major categories of beverages such as:

  • Soft drinks – Coca-cola®, Pepsi®, Mountain dew®, Snapples®, Sprite®, Izze Sparking Water®, just to name a few.
  • Energy and sports drinks – Red bull®, Sobe®, Gatorade®
  • Fruit juices – Naked Juice®, any types of juices like apple, fruit punch, orange, etc.
  • Store-bought coffee drinks – Starbucks® lattes, mochas, frappacinos,

Most people understand that soft drinks are loaded with sugar and have at least tried to steer away from them.  But, a lot of our patients don’t think about the amount of sugar found in fruit juices.  Smoothies and juices are more popular than ever.  Orange juice for breakfast, apple juice for kids, cranberry juice for cocktail drinks.  The list goes on.

You can argue that a product such as Naked Juice® is all natural, organic and has nothing but fruits and veggies in them.  Most of the sugar in Naked Juice® is in the form of fructose, which is the type of sugar that’s naturally found in fruits.  You might be asking, “What’s so bad about that?  Aren’t fruits healthy?”

All types of sugar, whether it’s the refined sugar or sugar in fruits eventually breakdown in the body into glucose.  Glucose is the blood sugar that most people are familiar with.  Glucose is also what your body uses for energy supply.   You definitely can’t function without glucose.

BUT… here is the big BUT…

Because every type of sugar eventually breaks down into glucose, you can overwhelm your body with too much glucose even if you don’t consume refined sugar.  Overconsumption of glucose is a huge obstacle to conception because it can lead to insulin resistance, which can in turn lead to problems with ovulation.

We found that the amount of sugar, 54g and 13 teaspoons of sugar to be exact, can be found in the Naked Juice ®pomegranate blueberry drink (Source: Harvard School of Public Health.  Website: https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/healthy-drinks/) Can you imagine eating 13 teaspoons of sugar multiple times a day?

So as you can see, even the “good stuff” might not be all that good for you. 

If you click on the link for the Harvard School of Public Health, you’ll find a PDF with common beverages and the amount of sugar in each.  We didn’t make these numbers up.

We’re here to support you as always.  On Wednesday, we’ll post a delicious drink recipe.  And on Friday, we’ll have our “confessional” once again on Facebook to talk about how we’re coping and share our strategies.

This is super exciting!  We’ve already cut out sugary treats, let’s take another step towards health this week.

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