Female Infertility

 The Inner peace Method

We understand that each person is unique. There’s never just one culprit that’s preventing you from pregnancy. And we love to help uncover the true underlying causes.

First, Your Discovery session

To zone in on your problem and create a personalized treatment plan, we’ll start by learning about you during an easy chat at our clinic.

We’ll talk a lot about your family health history, both past and present. Why? Because we want to know what your health was like growing up and what it’s like now, and if genetics may be playing a role in your condition.

We’ll also talk about your diet – this is a biggie. Things like your daily habits, social behaviors, sleep patterns, digestion observations, energy level, and emotional well-being will also come up as we start to learn more about you.

Creating Your Customized Fertility Strategy

Chinese medicine is not a one-size-fits-all medical system. Each person is unique and requires a different treatment plan.

The information you share during your discovery session will help us identify any imbalances and understand your energetics. We can then create your personalized strategy, which will include:

  • Recommendations to enhance and adjust parts of your diet, lifestyle, or supplement intake.
  • A prescription for the frequency of acupuncture treatments needed. For most patients, this is usually once per week.
  • Our expectation of how long your treatment cycle will be.

Our Superior Treatment Method

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine will help you get pregnant quicker than you would otherwise, no doubt. But not all clinics are created equal, and we’re confident we’re one of the leaders (not to toot our own horn… ok, yes we’re going to).

Our team is led by Adrienne Wei, L.Ac, a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Medicine (ABORM) and the creator of the Practically Fertile™ Methodology. This system is the guiding principle for our signature program and treatment protocols, and each acupuncturist on our team is certified as a Practically Fertile™ Coach.

For more information on Practically Fertile™, please click here.

The Care From Our Team

We attribute our extraordinary success rates to both the knowledge and expertise of our practitioners who use the Practically Fertile™ system, as well as our collaborative, team approach to treating each of our clients.

This approach makes us different than other clinics you might consider.

Our practitioners work together to share knowledge and ideas. Who wouldn’t love having many experts working on your case instead of just one? No matter who your primary case manager is, you can be confident that you have a squad of professionals defining your path to success.

Ready to get started?

Call us at 704-307-7821 or email info@ipacupuncture.com and let’s get chatting about your personalized plan.

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