IUI / IVF Preparation

Let’s face it.  No one ever wants to go down the road of IUI or IVF.  Undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments can be an emotionally and physically stressful time for you and your partner.  But it doesn’t have to be.

With acupuncture, you will increase your chances of success, reducing the need for multiple cycles, and you’ll also feel more relaxed and less anxious.

We didn’t just make this stuff up.  Experts agree with us.

We call ourselves The Acu-Nerds because we love studies and statistics, so here is the latest:

Current Research

The March 2008 issue of the British Medical Journal published the results of a recent study showing the effectiveness of using acupuncture in conjunction with IVF. Those who received acupuncture increased their chances of conceiving by 65%.

The May 2006 Sterility and Fertility issue showed that having acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer significantly improved chances of conception (39% vs. 26%) and ongoing pregnancy rates (36% vs. 22%).

In the 1996 issue of Human Reproduction, a European study showed that receiving eight acupuncture treatments, twice a week for four weeks prior to IVF increased the blood flow to the uterine arteries and resulted in higher pregnancy rates.

Benefits of Acupuncture when used in conjunction with IUI/IVF Procedures

  • Reduces the side effects of fertility medications
  • Improves blood flow to the ovaries enhancing follicle growth and egg quality
  • Improves blood flow to the uterus, helps to thicken uterine lining
  • Helps to reduce uterine contraction after insemination procedure and embryo transfer
  • Reduces anxiety and stress commonly associated with preparing for the ART procedures

How Inner Peace Acupuncture Helps you to find success

At Inner Peace, we have spent the last 10 years perfecting the treatment protocols for IUI and IVF.  Our Fertility Acupuncturist will customize a treatment protocol for you that typically includes the following components:

Acupuncture Treatment

  • Once-per-week treatments before starting any fertility medication.
  • Once-per-week treatments during the suppression phase if undergoing IVF procedure.
  • Depending on individual responses to medications, more treatments may be needed during the follicle stimulation phase.
  • Treatment before and after embryo transfer or insemination procedure.
  • Continuing with treatment once per week after the procedures to increase chances of implantation.
  • We also offer Embryo Transfer Acupuncture Service.  This specific protocol increases your chances by another 40%.

Herbal Treatment

  • Chinese herbal formulas may be prescribed prior to the start of fertility medications.
  • Herbal formulas will be stopped once you begin your fertility medications. This is to minimize any interactions between them because there is little research about the effects of using herbal medicine with fertility medications.

Diet and LIfestyle

In case you haven’t noticed by now while browsing through our website, we believe diet and lifestyle factor play a huge role in the success of treatments.  It’s no different here.

While not necessary, it is best to start a treatment program 2-3 months prior to beginning the ART procedure. If your IUI/IVF procedure is less than a month away, we can still help. Call us to start treatment right away, as even just one treatment can make the difference!

For more information about Inner Peace’s service, contact us at (704) 307-7821