Who We Are

Hey there,

We’re Team Inner Peace.  We love what we do because we help to make the process of Trying-To-Conceive a whole lot easier for you.

Meet The team

Here are the women who make it all happen.  We can’t wait to meet you.  If you have any questions, please contact us at info@ipacupuncture.com.


Acupuncturists & Expert Baby-Makers

Adrienne Wei, L.Ac, FABORM, MSOM

Founder & Acupuncture Clinic Director, Creator of Practically FertileTM

It makes me happy knowing that everyday, I help to create life and to make DSC_4458Asomeone’s dream of motherhood come true.

My passion for the treatment of infertility prompted me to pursue the highest training available in the field of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.

Here are my credentials:

The decision to study Chinese medicine and acupuncture was a return to my roots: I was born in China, and my mother was a Chinese medicine doctor. (She now practices in Charlotte and helps out around the office.) Her work exposed me to the medicine from an early age. I remember drinking—shall we say “strong smelling” herbs whenever I got sick.

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Jocelyn (Jocey) Rodriguez, L.Ac., CPFC, MSOM

Assistant Clinic Director, Certified Practically FertileTM Coach & candidate of FABORM

I’m proud to be part of this Inner Peace Acupuncture & Wellness Team.  I love that we’re making a difference in the lives of so many women DSC_4495Astruggling with fertility challenges and hormone related conditions.

My greatest passion is to help women experience normal and pain-free menstrual cycles, reduce PMS symptoms and achieve motherhood.  I also have a special interest in treating endometriosis and uterine fibroids.
Here are my credentials:

My journey with Oriental Medicine began when I was in my late teens. Like many young women, I was suffering from terrible menstrual pain that got worse with each passing cycle. I was told after many doctor’s visits and ultrasounds, that this was “normal”.  I was presented with the option of taking birth control or get pregnant and have kids. For several years, I managed the monthly pain by taking over-the-counter pain killers which eventually lead to needing higher dosages to alleviate the pain. Not satisfied with the options I had been presented with and my lack of improvement, I decided to seek an alternative…Oriental Medicine.

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Front Desk & Patient Happiness Coordinators

Latrira (LT) Sarapo

Having grown up on the standard American diet, I began to experience the negative effects on my body at a young age. DSC_4480A

After learning and applying knowledge of whole foods and holistic practices in my daily life, I was amazed by the dramatic transformation in my energy levels and overall health. It was then that I realized my passion for natural health and nutrition. On my recent move to Charlotte, I found my inner peace (literally) and love every minute of working here.

Here are five fun facts about me:

  • I’m a huge Composting Nut and have a certificate from Worm School.
  • When I worked in the film industry, I shared beers with Norman Reedus from Walking Dead.
  •  I love to sing and dance.  I’m taking a Hip-Hop class right now.
  • Since the age of 5, I can’t pass up a scary movie especially if it’s about zombies.  (Bonus fact: Adrienne and I share the same zombie movie obsession.)
  • I have “alien” toes.  My toes are super long and I can pick up small items with them.


Ary Rodriguez

I am a native of Miami, FL who fell in love with the state of North Caroline after a visit with some friends in February of 2016. The process that brought me here was one of pure destiny as the place I had chosen to live had a wait-list. 

Three weeks after my visit, I received a call from the leasing office.  They told me that an apartment had “all-of-a-sudden” become available and I had only a few hours to decide “yay” or “nay.”  Suddenly (and unexpectedly), I had lots of things to consider.

Was it worth leaving the job I loved as a hypnotherapist and manager of a successful acupuncture practice?

Could I leave the amazing team that I was a part of for the last 12 years?  And what would happen to the patients I was coaching?

Was I going to uproot my life leave everything I had ever known to move to a place that I had only just been “discovering” 6 days ago?

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