5 Things Women Can Do To Prevent A Future Miscarriage


I love my job dearly, and we have many, many fertility success stories at Inner Peace. But, inevitably, there are times of loss.

Dealing with miscarriage is an incredibly painful process. There’s no getting around that it’s awful. The emotional side effects are as real as the miscarriage itself, and as a woman might experience depression and anger afterward, a feeling of helplessness and self-doubt can also ensue.

I’m here, though, to help women who have miscarried to recover and prevent a miscarriage from happening again. There are five things women can do to prevent future miscarriages:

Start fresh

Right after a loss – or even if bleeding is still happening – I work to energetically remove anything that might be in the womb through acupuncture treatments. We want to make sure everything sheds so that we’re given a clean slate.

Nourish the kidneys

In Chinese medicine, any kind of reproductive issues always stem from a kidney deficiency. That’s true of miscarriages, whether they happen early or late in pregnancy. Acupuncture treatments can work to nourish the energy of the kidneys. Chinese herbs help with this as well.

Eat right

I draw up individual diet plans for patients to best suit their needs, but one theme that applies to all women seeking to prevent miscarriage is to stay away from cold foods (see my blog on the topic here). That’s a way to avoid creating what we call a “cold womb,” which in Chinese medicine is sometimes the cause of miscarriage. A cold womb means the environment is somehow not conducive to growing a baby. Warm, cooked foods, especially those that are good for the kidneys, are the best choice.

Release anxiety and anguish

This is easier said than done, but acupuncture treatments help to relax the body and mind.

Get emotional support

Whether the situation is good or bad, I’m very invested in my patients. It hurts me when I see my patients hurting, and I’m always there to offer emotional support. I refer patients to a therapist I work with, and I’m currently working with therapists to create a therapist-led support group at Inner Peace.

If you have suffered a loss or know someone who has, please know that there is always hope. In situations where there seem to be nothing but darkness, there is that light at the end of the tunnel.

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