6 Practices of Chinese Medicine Beyond Acupuncture


What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the words ‘Chinese Medicine’? For most, acupuncture seems to be the leading- and sometimes only- image attached to this ancient healing practice. But in fact, acupuncture is just one of the many options that Chinese medicine as a whole has to offer.

But how are you to know that if you don’t truly understand Chinese medicine in the first place? At Inner Peace Acupuncture we take a complete approach to health and wellness and while it may start with an appointment for acupuncture, you may be happily surprised that we end up being a one-stop shop to getting your body, mind and spirit in tip top shape. So what does a holistic approach to Chinese medicine look like outside of the world of acupuncture?

Well, it could look like:


If your gut’s in a rut, you’re lacking energy or you simply need to get your eating back on track, we can work together to revamp your diet- getting you back to a healthier you. We’ll dive all the way in, working through your habits- good and bad- and take a look at what it is that you’re putting INTO your body that could be slowing you down.

Here’s the thing about Chinese medicine- it’s so much more in-depth than Western practices. Our approach to nutrition is to customize a plan- or journey to wellness, if you will- specifically for you, depending on your own Chinese medicine patterns. We understand that like most things in life, nutrition is not a one size fits all program.

Herbal Medicine

A little bit of this, a pinch of that- and a whole lot of healing can happen when you are introduced to Chinese herbs. Treating all that ails, the right combination of herbs can combat everything from the common cold to cancer- and everything in between. Through the integration of various herbs, we are able to create formulas that will strengthen, calm and reenergize your body- in a completely natural and holistic way.


I’m sure you’ve seen those crazy red circles marking the back, arms and shoulders of Olympian Michael Phelps, right? While it may have seemed unusual at first- and even foreign to some- traditional Chinese medicine has been using the benefits of cupping therapy to increase blood flow, improve circulation and detoxify the body from toxins and fluids for thousands of years.

Tui Na

‘Tui Na’ which translates to “pinching and grasping” is a therapeutic method used to literally pinch and pull the skin and soft tissue to alleviate pain, and firmly work specific body parts. Known as “acupressure”, Tui Na is a massage unlike any you’ve ever had- but never knew you needed.


Ready for something a little different? Try moxibustion- which burns mugwort herbs over the skin to help stimulate circulation and improve an unhealthy immune system. Mugworts? Sounds like something taken straight from a Harry Potter book I know. But this ancient technique has the capability to deliver wellness without traditional medicines and pills.

Qi Gong

Yogis rejoice- qi gong is the mother of all body movements and you’re going to love the way you feel. Combing purposeful movements, breathing exercises and meditation, qi gong can help stretch your muscles and your mind.

And while Chinese medicine has so much to offer with each individual practice or technique, it’s the combination and addition of each of these that delivers optimal health and wellness from the inside out. At Inner Peace Acupuncture, we work together to bring a comprehensive treatment plan to every individual patient, utilizing the ancient methods of traditional Chinese medicine that have been healing people for thousands of years. What will your path to wellness and fertility look like? We’re so excited to find out with you!

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