How to Achieve the Ideal Menstrual Cycle


A common problem I see in my patients – and one I once had plenty of experience with – is an irregular cycle.

I understand how frustrating and stressful having an irregular cycle is, and that’s where Chinese medicine comes in to save the day.

For someone who has a totally inconsistent cycle, the goal of acupuncture and proper herbal supplements is to work toward having (cue trumpet blasts and angels singing) THE IDEAL CYCLE.

What’s the Ideal Cycle?

It’s 28 days, with ovulation happening on day 14 with no pain or spotting and lots of clear egg-white-like cervical discharge! The optimal cycle has zero PMS symptoms: No mood swings, no headaches, no back pain, no bloating, no zits. Menstruation lasts four days with bright red blood the whole time, sans clotting and pain.

I know you just rolled your eyes. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? The “ideal cycle” might seem impossible to attain. But the more important thing is trying to get as close to that ideal 28-day cycle as possible. Few women actually have 28-day cycles, and the length of your cycle completely depends upon the day of ovulation, which can vary with things like stress and travel.

It’s important to note that just because you don’t have a 28-day cycle doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. If you’re ovulating, you’re fertile!

Achieving the Ideal Cycle

But attempting to have the ideal cycle means getting your body in the best working order possible. PMS is a sign of liver qi stagnation. Clotty, dark periods mean there’s a lot of blood stagnation. Acupuncture and herbs work to get energy and blood flowing properly—so, in a way, that cheesy, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” saying is right, sort of. It is about the destination of the ideal cycle, but getting as close to it as possible is what it’s really all about.

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