Ask the Experts – Fertility Massage Q&A with Angie Allison, LMBT


I have enlisted the help of my good friend Angie Allison, owner of Bellies and Babies, to answer some questions many of you have on fertility massage.  Angie, who is uhhhhh-mazing has a background in Neuromuscular Therapy.  Which means, her sessions are far more than just a massage.  It’s aimed at addressing the underlying root causes of pain and discomfort.  She is additionally, the only person in Charlotte that is certified in both prenatal and fertility massage.

Q:  What is Fertility Massage?

A:  Fertility massage helps to increase circulation to the reproductive organs, especially the uterus, to help create a happy home for conception.

Q:  Who are the best candidates for this type of massage?

A:  Everyone can benefit especially anyone with tightness in the pelvic region, scar tissue buildup from any surgeries, and severe cramping during menstruation.

Q:  What is the focus of the session?

A:  There are essentially four goals to every session.  The first is to work into the pelvic region breaking up any adhesions that may be restricting proper muscle function.  The second is to increase circulation to the reproductive organs so that they get the nourishment they need and may have been lacking.  The third is to break-up any scar tissue that could be present due to surgeries, endometriosis or just an over-development in general of improperly formed tissue.  Fourth, we educate our women on how to continue with this kind of work at home with their partners to create a bonding experience.

Q:  How long is a typical fertility massage session?

A:  A typical session is 60 minutes.  No follow up sessions are required unless a refresher is needed.

Q:  When is the best time to start this type of massage?

A:  For those who had surgeries in the pelvic region, it’s best to start as soon as clearance is obtained from doctor to resume activity.  For everyone else, anytime is a good time to get started.

For more information about Angie’s services, please contact her directly at 704-858-4445 or visit her website.

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