I love my job! Here’s one of the reasons why.

A patient, Jessica, recently wrote:

“After trying to conceive for a year, I was given the extremely grim diagnosis, that I had SEVERE diminished ovarian reserve. My (FSH/AMH) numbers were basically as bad as they could be. I was devastated.

I was given a 2-5% chance of being able to conceive with my own eggs, but I decided before giving up on myself I would do everything I could. I decided to do a few “hail Mary” IUIs. I started regular acupuncture treatments with Adrienne after two failed attempts and made adjustments with my diet. I was in complete shock when my third IUI and final worked.

Adrienne has been a great source of comfort and wisdom to me pre-pregnancy and now during my pregnancy. I saw her on a weekly basis during the first trimester. She is always available to answer my many questions and calm my fears. She has been a wonderful source of support on this journey! Thank you Adrienne for all of your support!”

Thanks Jessica— Can’t wait for the day you welcome your new little one home!