An Inner Peace Acupuncture & Wellness Success Story


My heart is filled with excitement as one of our patients, Kimberly, welcomed her son Benjamin over the weekend. Kimberly’s success story is proof that acupuncture works, and that you CAN overcome obstacles to becoming pregnant.

She writes:

After having gone through a very long year trying to conceive our second child, my husband and I decided to try something different. We spent a lot of money on fertility treatments to conceive our first son, including numerous doctor’s appointments, lots of drugs, and continual heartbreak every month when the treatments didn’t work. I did not want to go through all that again. I came to Adrienne with an open mind and a new hope that maybe acupuncture would work for us.

Adrienne became an instant support system for our family. She gave open and honest advice and I followed every one that she suggested. We got pregnant in three months without a single fertility appointment with a doctor! I have become a fan of acupuncture and have now used it to treat several things including morning sickness that I had in early pregnancy. Adrienne went above and beyond to provide the support that we needed at a very sensitive time for us. She was the very first person I called to tell I was pregnant and has continued to be there to answer my questions and concerns during this pregnancy. Adrienne is knowledgeable, compassionate, honest, and will forever hold a piece in our hearts. I highly suggest to all the couples struggling with infertility to give acupuncture a chance!”

We are so happy for you, Kimberly and family! Stories like yours are the reasons why we love what we do!

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