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“We’re glad you’re here.  You’re exactly where you need to be on your journey.”

-The Inner Peace Team

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Fertility Acupuncture

We totally understand how difficult it is Trying to Conceive (TTC) while watching everyone around you start or grow their families. With 45 million women struggling to conceive, we understand the fact that no two stories are ever the same. Through our own experiences, expertise and training, we’ve developed our signature Practically Fertile™ Methodology that integrates Chinese medicine with modern Functional Medicine. It’s time to stop subscribing to the “Kitchen Sink” mentality- trying every trick under the sun- and focus on your own, individualized plan to pregnancy.

To learn more about our Fertility Programs, please click here.

Women’s Health

Getting pregnant is just one milestone of a woman’s life. We’re also passionate about helping each woman achieve optimal health regardless of the stage of her life. Whether it’s hormonal imbalances such as menopause, irregular periods, endometriosis, or just general pain and anxiety management, we’re here for you.

To learn more about our Women’s Health Programs, please click here.

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Who We Are

Think of us as your girlfriends- who just so happen to be fertility and women’s health experts- ready + excited to guide you towards pregnancy step-by-step, or whatever health goals you have. With our personalized approach and desire to create a warm, welcoming environment for our patients, we are here to cry with you through your frustrations and celebrate your successes- all without judgments.

To learn more about who we are, please click here.

The Inner Peace Experience

Helping women conceive is our number one passion at Inner Peace Acupuncture For Women. We understand the struggles that you are going through and all of the feelings that are associated with the process of TTC: hope, excitement, disappointment, anger, fear- and a lot of stress! That’s why we’re not your typical doctor’s office or clinic. We know that TTC can be a taxing process, but we want you to always leave our office feeling empowered, hopeful and excited for the future.

To learn more about how we’re different, please click here.

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