Photo cred: Will Taylor

“Infertility sucks, you don’t!” – Excerpts From My Interview with Shannon Schultz-Wooten

Photo cred: Will Taylor

This blog contains excerpts from my interview with Shannon Schultz-Wooten and was made available to the members of our private Facebook community first.  If you’re not yet a members, please consider joining us in this free community where it’s a safe space to get advice and find support.  To join, simply click here to ask for permission.  

Recently, I sat down with Shannon Schultz- Wooten, life coach and author of Infertility Sucks,  You Don’t to talk about her own experiences trying to conceive (TTC), her acknowledgement of the 5 stages of grief and how ultimately she moved her thinking from “I suck” to “Let’s rock and roll!”
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Cervical Mucus 101 and What It Says About Your Fertility

To some it sounds kinda gross.

To others it’s a telltale sign of their fertility potential.

But to everyone… it can be pretty confusing- and often people are misinformed. Let’s change that.

What It Is

Cervical Mucus (CM) is a true glimpse into your fertility: it can tell you if you’re ovulating and even where your energy may be blocked. And yet so many people are confused about what CM even is, or what they’re looking at in the first place. And to make matters worse, companies claim to fix CM deficiency issues by way of various lubricants such as Pre Seed, but that doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

I want to breakdown the 4 types of CM (YES, there’s 4 different kinds!), why your CM may be deficient and a few tips on how to generate it naturally- without the lube!
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